Black Friday 4WD Sale 2022

Black Friday 4WD Sale with Eureka 4WD Training!!!

Save a MASSIVE 25% on all Recreational 4WD Courses this Black Friday!!!
Book any Recreational 4WD Course between the 23rd of November and the 27th of November and receive a 25% discount.

To book simply call our team on (08) 9461 2300 or visit our booking page

Recreational 4WD Courses

Our Recreational 4WD Courses consist of:

  • Introductory 4WD Course
  • Sand Terrain 4WD Course
  • Bush Terrain 4WD Course

Our family-friendly Recreational 4WD courses are the perfect way to safely and responsibly learn all the skills required to get the most out of your 4WD vehicle off-road. Our Recreational 4WD courses are designed for off-road so the day is spent off-road! There is no classroom or simulated terrain, we take you off-road where we go off-road.  We have courses to suit everyone:

  • Beginners who have never ventured off-road
  • New 4WD Vehicle owners or upgrading your 4WD vehicle
  • Experienced drivers looking for a refresher
  • People who just want a fun day of 4WD under expert supervision
  • Those looking for new tips and tricks
  • Anyone in between (They really are for everyone…)

Eureka 4WD Training’s recreational 4WD courses are charged per vehicle so everyone can have a go behind the wheel. Our highly experienced and dedicated instructors are seasoned 4WD professionals, who keep up to date with all the modern features found in the latest 4WD vehicles, so we will be able to show you how to get the most out of your vehicle. We can provide free of charge if required use of UHF radios, tyre deflation tools, tyre compressors and all recovery equipment that may be required on the course.

To find out more visit Eureka 4WD Training – Recreational Courses

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