Eureka 4WD Training App

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We have an App that is adding immense value to the 4WD community and you can get your hands on it for FREE!

Training Material and Special Content

Packed with loads of training material and special content, the Eureka 4WD Training App is now your go-to resource when out on the tracks.
The app covers everything for the recreational driver including tips and techniques for sand driving, bush driving, water crossings, mud driving, recovery methods and much, much more!

It even includes an 83-page full student manual for our commercial clients, covering everything you need to know about 4WD driving.

4WD Driving App From Eureka 4WD Training

The great thing about this App is, once it has downloaded onto your smartphone, you do not need a signal to use it. Meaning no matter where you go – we will be right there with you.

App Store to download Eureka 4WD training app.

Covering all levels of technicality for the advanced driver or easy to read summaries for our beginners, this App is for you.

And as mentioned It is absolutely FREE!

4WD Training App Other Information

Our 4WD Training App is not designed to replace a training course from a qualified instructor. They are designed to give you some valuable driving and safety information and to help you pre and post-training. This information will help you get the most out of your vehicle.

Eureka 4WD Training app on a tablet.

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