Looking For A Great Day Trip That Is Safe For The Whole Family?

White colored 4WD on a sand track.

Wilbinga Conservation Park

If you are looking for a great day trip that is safe for the whole family and more than suitable for most 4WD vehicles than look no further than Wilbinga Conservation Park which is situated roughly 70 kilometres north of Perth in the Shire of Gingin.

We have been using Wilbinga for our recreational training for the past 26 years and it is still one of our favourite quick trips out from Perth, suitable for 4WDing, swimming, snorkelling, photography and the area has some great fishing spots also ๐Ÿ™‚

White colored 4WD on a sand track.

Wilbinga Beaches

Wilbinga beach access is generally by two main entrance points being Wilbinga road (Roughly 4 kilometres north of Breakwater drive) or from the back of the Wilbinga grove rest area off of Wanneroo road, having a GPS (And sound knowledge of how to use it) is advisable although not a necessity.

Please make sure to deflate your tyres before entering the beach access tracks to help preserve the track conditions and we never enter without dropping to at least 18PSI although at this time of the year as the sand is quite soft 14PSI is a better option for most standard 4WDs.

As the area is quite popular being it is the first legal vehicle access to beach driving north of Perth be cautious over crests and bends and attach a sand flag to your 4WD to help with visibility. There are no provisions for fuel, food or water so you must be self-sufficient when entering the area and please make sure to take out any rubbish and dispose of it correctly. Unfortunately, there are some track users out there that do the wrong thing ๐Ÿ™

4WDers having a trip on a seashore.

There are a myriad of tracks, dunes and beaches to explore but do be warned the sand on most of the beach access can get very soft and some areas become impassable depending on conditions on the day, there is always an inland track if the beach gets difficult although please only drive on the tracks already in place.

Sand Adventure

As on any sand adventure doesn’t forget the shovel, recovery equipment, sunscreen, plenty of water and tick repellent is advisable as they can be plentiful on the inland sand tracks.

A road signage about Wilbinga Conservation Park for 4WD's.

As always, please keep safe out there everyone.

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