4WD Tips and Advice – from Eureka 4WD Training

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4WD Tips and Advice

We have put together some 4WD tips and advice as part of our “Tip Tuesday” series

Each Tuesday we will be adding some tips to this list as well as on our social media platforms so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us online

Isolation Tips:

Tip #4

Channel 5 UHF and Channel 35 UHF are emergency channels and not to be used unless in an emergency situation

Tip #3

Never recover a vehicle using a tow-ball as the ball can break off causing serious injury or worse.

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Tip #2

Always remember that all modern Automatic 4WD vehicles must be in the neutral position to select and disengage low range 4WD

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Tip #1

When inflating tyres with a 12V compressor with an in-line gauge always turn the compressor off to gain a correct reading of the gauge (Keep connected to tyre once turned off)

About Eureka 4WD Training

First established in 1992 Eureka 4WD Training has built a solid reputation for providing professional 4WD training courses by experienced Trainers and Assessors offering outstanding customer service.

Each one of our ‘hand-selected’, highly qualified Trainers and Assessors have many years’ experience driving 4WD vehicles both recreationally & commercially in challenging situations and remote areas. From our Admin Staff through to our Trainers we all come from a 4WD background and have the experience and dedication to make sure you are trained safely, correctly and responsibly.

All of our dedicated Instructors hold Certificate IV qualifications in Training & Assessment as well as being Senior First Aid qualified, we will be able to act in an emergency.

For everyone here at Eureka, 4WD Training is not just a job for us all but has been a lifelong passion and is still our favourite pastime, our Trainers Past & Present have travelled extensively off-road throughout Australia and beyond and have a collective experience which spans decades, Eureka is very keen to pass that information on to yourself and/or your employees. Our Trainers are familiar with all of the latest features in all types of modern 4WD and AWD vehicles, we will show you how to get the most out of your 4WD!

Eureka’s very popular recreational 4WD training courses are a fun way for individuals, couples and families to learn the essential skills to be able to safely take the 4WD off the beaten track. So whether you are planning the trip of a lifetime or just want to gain some much-needed confidence or essential experience with your chosen 4WD or AWD vehicle then you have come to the right place. No matter what level of 4WD experience you have we have a course to suit you.

At Eureka we do NOT sell any products and NEVER will but we can offer non-biased advice on anything 4WD related, Chances are we have tried, tested or seen it in action. Eureka 4WD Training has no affiliation with any other company, we stick to what we have been doing best for over 26 years, professional 4WD training.

We here at Eureka 4WD Training are DBCA Licensed (HQ67416) to be able to travel and conduct training in many various locations throughout Western Australia. We at Eureka are environmentally aware.

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