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Hi everyone, due to our valued clients feedback requiring truck training we here at Eureka 4WD had decided to purchase 5 trucks. We can now offer  Truck Driver Training in either HR, HC, MC or F heavy vehicles. We offer intensive 1-day courses in all heavy vehicle classes. You will receive one on one practical hands-on driving experience with an instructor all day with the assessment at the end.

Tailor Packages Training Services

We also offer tailor packages to businesses requiring training for several students.

Our trainers are fully qualified and have many years of heavy vehicle driving experience. They are patient and understanding to the different needs of all types of students, making you feel at ease while you learn all aspects of heavy vehicle driving.

There are no set amount of lessons we require you to undertake, once both you and your instructor are confident you are ready to sit for an assessment we make all the arrangements for you to do this.

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If you want to be professionally trained in all aspects of truck driving, whether it be for a career change or a job requirement then you are always welcome at Eureka Truck Driver Training.

Find out more at or for bookings email us at or call 9461 2333

Eureka trucks parked as the resources for truck training.

Eureka 4WD Licencing & Training Courses

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Feeling adventurous? Then join us on a Eureka 4WD Training Course – we have courses to suit all levels of 4WD skill and experience.

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Have you heard? Eureka 4WD has launched a training app design specifically for 4WDing – and the best part is that it is completely free!
Now you can have an expert with you at all times – available for Android and Apple users in the respective app stores.

Need a truck license? Eureka now offers HR, HC and MC truck training through Eureka Truck Training

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