Wilbinga Conservation Park Adoption Effort

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Wilbinga Shacks 4wd Crew (WS4X4C) Team

After the northern conservation boundary, fencing and gates damaged over the Australia Day long weekend members of the Wilbinga Shacks 4wd Crew (WS4X4C) teamed up with the farmers to work on a strategy out to try to keep around 300 head of cattle out of the Wilbinga Conservation Park with the blessings of Parks and Wildlife Swan Coastal District.

During Labour Day at the start of the Month of March, the Shacks Crew and Farmers were to patrol this boundary fence line and hand out pamphlets to let those entering Wilbinga be aware that there is a private property on the other side of the fence line and that private property is a working cattle farm.

The efforts by the WS4X4C and the farmers working together on the March long weekend was a great success in that no gates were knocked down or were there any fences cut.

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Most spotted were south of the north bowl responsibly recreating, 4wd’s being parked up on the beach with the shades out and enjoying what was quite a warm morning on the beach with a nice gentle onshore breeze hitting the coast by lunchtime.

Wilbinga Conservation Park Boundaries

The Wilbinga Conservation Park, which encompasses reserves, a forestry area and some un-allocated crown needs protecting from further destruction, including the fence lines that border its boundaries.

White coloured 4WD parked on a beach that represents "wilbinga conservation park" blog.

By allowing cattle to roam freely around the park because some mindless person has bulldozed gates and cut fences to get through because they ended up being on the wrong side does not help to maintain future sustainable access to these beautiful beaches.

To get familiar with the park’s boundaries, here is a link to will help.


Take care,

From the training team who do enjoy training on this magnificent coastline, we know as Wilbinga.

Photos: Shacks Crew

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